Co-curricular activities

What is BrookesID?

BrookesID is a scheme, unique to Oxford Brookes University, which allows students to collect achievements for community, sporting, and volunteering activities.

If students collect enough achievements in a particular category, they will receive a Brookes Award, in each of four categories.

What is an activity?

Activities have been recognized within Oxford Brookes as contributing to students' individual development, in line with one of the Brookes Guiding Principles. Each activity that students complete will earn them an achievement recognizing that they have completed the activity.

What is an achievement?

An achievement is awarded upon successful completion of an activity that is recognized under the BrookesID scheme.

Achievements are a permanent record of students' achievements, and are a great way of demonstrating a commitment to the Brookes Guiding Principles to employers.

What is an award?

Achievements show the successful completion of an activity aligned to one of the Brookes Guiding Principles. Students who collect enough achievements will receive an award under a particular principle. You can work towards an award under each of the categories.
  • 2 achievements will earn a Bronze Award.
  • 3 achievements will earn a Silver Award.
  • 5 achievements will earn a Gold Award.

What is a category?

Categories align to the Brookes Guiding Principles: Confidence, Enterprising Creativity, Connectedness and Generosity of Spirit.

Each completed activity earns an achievement that has been assigned to one of these principles.