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Q. How do I sign up for an activity?

A. Download the app; log into it using your student number and network password; browse the suggested activities, and sign up for the ones you want to get involved in. Please be aware that some activities have a limited number of places, so signing-up doesn't necessarily mean that you are enrolled on the activity. The activity owner will let you know whether you need to fill in an application form in addition to signing up via the mobile app.

Q. I don't want to download the app onto my phone; how do I access it?

A. The app is also available via Moodle.

Q. How much involvement is needed to benefit from the scheme?

A. You will receive a certificate for your achievements, whether you have earned one achievement, an award, or multiple awards. The minimum criterion for a certificate is earning one achievement; the maximum is earning 20 achievements, which would earn you a gold award in each guiding principle, and a special presentation of your awards from the Vice Chancellor.

Q. Why should I sign up if I am already involved in an activity?

A. The app will help you keep track of your achievements, and suggest more activities to sign up for. It will also give you a certificate of all your achievements and activities that you can show to employers.

Activity Owners

Q. Do I have to use Moodle to record student engagement with my activity?

A. The only thing you must use Moodle for is awarding an achievement to a student. (a "badge" in Moodle terms). You can, if you wish, encourage students to write reflective pieces on their activity, engage in the discussion forum on Moodle, or use any other feature of Moodle to enhance your activity.

Q. Students have to fill in an application form to take part in my activity. How will that work with the sign-up procedure?

A. Once they have signed up via the mobile app, they will appear on your list of course participants in Moodle. You can then contact them and advise them that they need to fill in an application form. You can also unenrol unsuccessful applicants from your course/activity. It is also a good idea to specify in the course description that limited places are available.

Q. My activity is only available for sign-up for a limited time. How do I make it unavailable for signing up?

A. In the course settings on Moodle, you can either hide the course, or make it unavailable for self-enrolment by students.

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